Family Buisness That You Can Fully Rely On


We offer you the wide range of moving services to every customer. If you choose Pro Movers Group San Diego, we will think of everything for you. Whether you move your business, home or helping your parents to find reliable movers, it is very important to team up with a company that know all the aspects of relocation process. Our San Diego movers got everything you need to perform your relocation fast and safe: tools and equipment, materials and supplies, floor and doors protection, manpower and trucks. Twice a year, despite his/her experience, our employees review 6-hours video educational program which approved by California Public Utility Commission. We are family business that you can rely on!

Who We Are

Pro Movers Group was started by a couple, Viktor Lyashev and Marina Shishkina. Friends in life, companions in business (actually born and raised in the same micro-district) both dedicated their lives to big sports. Know how to work hard and love to do it. They said “no, thanks” to the office jobs, and started Pro Movers Group.

Why Choose Us

Because Pro Movers Group employees always ready to work with you. Our biggest concern is to make sure we get our part done properly. We help you throughout your relocation process, giving advice and recommendations on how to make your move faster and easier. Pro Movers Group is responsive, dedicated guys that you will like to work with

What we Do

From the deserts to the beaches, from the mountains to wherever… We relocate businesses and people all over the San Diego County. Our movers are 2+ years in the field, efficient and knowledgeable to make your move stress-free and smooth. We perform a wide range of moving services – any size of residential and commercial moves.

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